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2013 Goodwood Tourist Trophy

The typical highlight for Goodwood is the Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration open to sports cars from the early 1960s.

This year's one hour race had numerous stories including an unfortunate incident that ended up with the world's only Maserati 151/1 in the tire barrier.

With 15 minutes to go, the skies poured rain and Simon Hadfield took advantage in his Aston Martin DP212 to win the race in the final minutes.

Usefulness of indoor car covers

Indoor car covers are meant for indoor use. Such covers are either made up of pure cotton or a nice blend of cotton and polyester. These covers are used for protecting the cars from dust and dirt. These kinds of covers are not waterproof or water repelling. Car covers for indoor use, on the contrary can easily get soaked by water when the cars are parked outside in rain. Therefore it is important to consider where you park your car and then choose a cover accordingly.
While choosing indoor car covers you should be careful that the polyester fabrics may scratch the smooth surface of the car. You would definitely not want your car to have rough, uneven scratches, in spite of parking inside the garage for few months. This is the reason why most people prefer to have car covers for indoor use made up of 100% cotton. Fabrics, like cotton, prove to be the most suitable and gentle for your car’s surface.
Indoor car covers are the best when you plan to park your car inside the garage during the entire winter season. However, if you do not have garage facility and your car is parked outdoors then you can think of using indoor covers coupled with waterproof covers. Both of the fabrics would restrict any kind of condensation from gathering on your car’s surface. By using a combination of pure cotton cover and a water resistant one you can provide maximum protection to your vehicle from all kinds of issues, such as dents, scratches, discoloration, etc. While you choose indoor car covers for your car, remember that the ones made up of cotton are much cheaper. However, it requires more maintenance. Cotton covers need washing and ironing at regular intervals. The same, however, is also true for the water repelling covers. The latter should be washed with soapy water. After that it is to be wiped clean and dried to remove the excess water. This would make your cover much cleaner and your car will also look beautiful when the covers are removed. Thus, you can very well realise that along with your car, its cover also needs proper cleaning. 

scrapping your car

Generally, people are ignorant of sending their old or damaged cars for scraping. Instead, they keep their cars in home garage for long time without using it or using it and incurring costs on it. People in general, need to be educated about the advantages of sending their cars for scrap, not only due to benefit of getting money, but also for environmental issues.
When cars are scraped, the tyres of the car need to be taken out and inspected. The tires are at a risk of contaminating environment due to their make properties like decomposition, risk of catching fire, chemical issues which can pollute land and water and effect landfills.
If more people get aware of reusing tyres, then tyres can be recycled more and the percentage of tyre reusing can be increased from 30% to at-least 60% . This way, landfills will not have tyres wasted and will provide an advantage to environment protection. The tyres consist of materials like rubber, hydrocarbon, oil, Sulphur and other materials which need to be looked at closely before deciding to reuse it or dispose it correctly. 

Curtail Debt With Car

Baby boomers nearing the age of retirement are looking at their mounds of debt and starting to panic. The plan had been to retire comfortably and continue a comfortable lifestyle, but for some, this plan flopped over the years. Credit card debt has taken its toll on retirement plans; not even a car title loan will save the day on this one. Many are still looking at figures beyond $10,000 of debt and see their monthly income continue to be absorbed by the minimum payments. The numbers never seem to drop as monthly interest charges continue to keep the balance high.
The money from a title loan is fast to the rescue for larger financial crunches. You know, those problems which needed money yesterday? But when it comes to needing money to solve debt problems, short-term loans are usually not a good solution. The payoff is quick and in the case of car title loans, the loan is secured with the vehicle's title. The last thing anyone wants is to add "losing a car" to their list of troubles.


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