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Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1

The Original McLaren F1 is a truly remarkable car. So can the old school F1 Beat a Bugatti Veyron in a drag race? Well the easy money is on the Veyron… right? Turns out it depends how far the race is. Because the McLaren F1 is faster than the Veyron up to about 190MPH or so. but then the Veyrons turbos and extra gearing help it win in a one mile race. Pretty damn impressive McLaren! makes you wonder what that new McLaren P1 will do. some varies pics of both cars are below check them out most are wallpaper!

2013 Morgan Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition

Talk about a special edition model, Morgan’s new Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition is that and more. Now, we understand that the market for a vehicle that drives on an odd number of wheels isn’t all that great. But there’s still a market for a car like this one, particularly those who know the history of the colors this special-edition Three-Wheeler is sporting, particularly in light of Morgan’s participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with OnOak Racing. We all know that Gulf Oil is represented by its iconic Blue-and-Orange paint scheme. So, in order to establish credibility with a Three-Wheeler that’s been labeled as the "Gulf Edition", the most important thing was to dress it up in the exact same two-color Gulf livery that’s become famous the world over. n addition to the obvious color choice, Morgan also played with a number of unique design details on the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition, starting with blacked out details on the engine, the headlamps, the roll hoops, the mud guards, the exhausts, and the exhaust heat shields. Finally, the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition was also given Orange wall tires, adding a touch of customization and paying homage to the special edition name it’s carrying. Inside, the same treatment was used with Morgan opting for a black leather dress up for the seats and the dashboard to go with a limited edition badge on embossed leather and matching orange stitching on the steering wheel. All in all, Morgan is set to release only 100 units of the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition with each model being priced at £29,162.50 plus VAT — around $46,700.

Lamborghini Confirms the Urus for 2017

Harry Metcalfe from Evo Magazine was one of a select few to find himself at Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary gala and apparently he took to tweeting during the event. One of his tweets alerted us to something that we all assumed but were still uncertain of: Lamborghini will produce its first SUV since the LM002 starting in 2017. You read that right, folks; we are just three or four model years – depending on whether Metcalfe was talking U.S. model years or Euro model years – away from seeing the Lamborghini Urus in showrooms. Of course, we do take this report with a little doubt, as it is not straight from the mouth of Lamborghini, but the source is still rather reliable. Surprisingly, the Tweet has remained up for quite a long time without Metcalfe getting too much flak from Lambo over it. And the longevity of this tweet lends a little authority to it, as Lamborghini is quick to squash any leaks that are either huge secrets or outright lies. We’ll keep an eye on the twitter world to see if Metcalfe changes his tune soon or if Lamborghini chooses to release this information after seeing how much press it’s getting. Stay tuned!

2014 Chevrolet Camaro RS V6 spied sans camo

While GM made hay at the 2013 New York Auto Show with the unveiling of the updated Camaro SS on the show floor, we saw the new front and rear fascias, as well as the new extractor hood for the V8 cars. The V6? Nowhere to be found, until now, that is. Our spy shooters nabbed a completely undisguised 2014 Camaro RS out on the prowl. The instant tell that the car’s a V6 is the plain hood; there are no extractors. Likewise, it wears the red RS badging (SS RS models get red SS badges, remember) and has a simpler bumper treatments. Out back, a pair of dual-tipped mufflers add some visual punch under the new and strangely pedestrian-looking taillamps.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Yes, the warm weather is finally upon us. Perfect for convertibles like the delicious new Jaguar F-Type roadster. But if you favor the sinuous lines of a closed-roof sports car, then you'll love these spy shots of the upcoming Jaguar F-Type coupe. Jaguar got cute and tried to disguise the coupe as a convertible by leaving the camo pattern off the roof, but a close look reveals that it's no soft top. If the F-Type coupe looks familiar, well, it should. In fact, you've already seen it as the C-X16 Concept from the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. In short, it's beautiful, and it's coming soon. Hit the photo link above for more pictures of the F-Type coupe on the prowl.

Naked BMW M235i spied sunning on the docks

Prior to today, all news regarding the upcoming BMW 2 series coupe has been shrouded in camouflage. However, thanks to an official BMW photo shoot, we can now see more than 90 percent of what the final product will look like when it hits showrooms. While the 2 Series will come in a lower output 240 hp 2.0 liter form, the thought is—because of the blue M-sport brake calipers, dual exhaust, and minute 'M' badge on the fender—that this particular car is actually the M235i variant. More than likely, the M235i will be powered by the N55 3.0 inline-6 with around 325 horsepower and will be transmitted through a 7 or 8 speed automatic. According to BMW there will be no lesser model 235i, as that space will be occupied by the 228i, and production for the 2 Series will begin around November 2013.

2014 Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition

"Gentleman Edition" might be a weird name to call a special-edition model, let alone one with the unbridled fury of a 2014 Nissan GT-R, but that’s what Nissan is calling it. The GT-R Gentleman Edition. Odd name choice notwithstanding, the GT-R Gentleman Edition is very limited, as only 10 of these babies will be made. No more. No less. It’ll only be sold in France, which is a bummer, but for those lucky enough to get one, you get the treat of a limited run GT-R that that’s slotted just above the Black Edition, of which its equipment is based on. As for the car itself, the GT-R Gentleman Edition only comes in an equally limited Grey Squale finish to go with an amber red leather interior. The latter, in particular, also boasts of hand-sewn seats, as well as more leather coverings on the gear shifter knob, lever gaiter, handbrake, door panels, and table passenger-side edge. More than just a fancily dressed GT-R, the Gentleman Edition also comes with some special add-ons, including: a special bag, glasses case and covering pockets that are stitched in leather. Finally, specific identification titanium can be found on the front fender while a numbered customizable titanium placard is displayed on the dashboard just to show everyone that this car is only 1 of the 10 Gentleman Edition GT-R models Nissan is building.

An Affordable Way To Buy A Lamborghini Aventador J

Let’s face it; there’s absolutely no chance in this world that we can even get a sniff of the Lamborghini Aventador J. Lamborghini only made one model and who knows where it is now. But even without actually touching or looking at the one-off supercar, that doesn’t mean we can’t own one. The only caveat is if we were to own one, it would be in the size of a 1:18 scale model of the Aventador J. That’s where AUTOart Models enter the picture. You might recall that this company was already featured here last December with its own 1:18 scale model of the Aventador. Now, it’s taking things up a notch with a remarkable scale model of the one-off Aventador J. We say “remarkable” because the actual Aventador J was an Italian engineering marvel complete with significant carbon-fiber elements. Being able to replicate the design in a scale that small is a testament to the skill of AUTOart Models.

2013 Lamborghini Aventador by SR Auto Group

We’re usually not prone to overt praises on these pages, but when it comes to Canadian tuner SR Auto Group, you can’t help but appreciate the level of work it does on its programs. SR Auto Group has, on multiple occasions, taken a Lamborghini Aventador for a custom spin. And when presented with another of its kind to work on, it didn’t hesitate to put its hardhat on and get to work - again. That’s why we respect SR; no car is too difficult to give some aftermarket lovin’. This time, the subject is a 2013 Nero Pegaso Aventador, a supercar that not only speaks the language of speed and power, but does so while wearing a menacing look on its face. At the end of the day, SR Auto Group is all about bringing out the full potential of any super car it comes across. That includes the Aventador and to its credit, SR Auto Group never seems tire of giving the exotic Italian bull the respect it so richly deserves.

2013 Lamborghini Aventador by Autoproject-D and DMC

You all remember the Molto Veloce tuning kit unveiled by DMC Tuning? After all, it is one of the best kits offered for the Aventador. Now, Japanese tuner Autoproject-D decided to take this kit even further and offer a few more upgrades for the Molto Veloce. What makes the Molto Veloce very special is that DMC worked on offering an extra 200 horsepower under the hood, so customers can now enjoy a 900 horsepower Aventador. That’s nothing to sneeze on, fellas. In order to obtain this power boost, the tuner decided to replace the combined overhead throttle valves per cylinder bank with 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one per each cylinder. The tuner also installed new gasoline pumps and lines, pressure modulators and injection nozzles and remapped the engine electronics. There is also a new titanium exhaust system that weights only 7.6 pounds - a significant drop over the standard 76 pounds.