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The DeltaWing Racing Car is a radical proposal for a new type of vehicle for the 2012 IndyCar racing series.DeltaWing LLC, of Indianapolis, introduced the concept at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. During the unveiling, Dan Partel, Chief Executive Officer of DeltaWing LLC said of the vehicle; "Today marks a fundamental shift in how race fans and the general public will view all racing cars in the future; this is a game changer. This radical prototype takes open wheel racing to a new level from both an engineering standpoint and the overall spectator experience."

31st July 2010. Amazingly the title for the Worlds Fastest Helicopter has stood since the mid-1980s. The previous record of 249 mph was held by a British Army Westland Lynx helicopter. As it stands at the moment, the Sikorsky X2's maximum recorded speed is 258 mph, but it's an unofficial top speed. To claim the official Guinness title they'll need to repeat the high-speed run with Guinness officials and their timing gear present.

There are two different types of remote control aircraft. There are those made by hobby fliers just for the fun of it. And then there are multi-million dollar remotely piloted aircraft developed by huge aerospace companies. The Boeing X-48B, quite obviously, falls into the latter category. The X-48B has a 6.4 meter (21 foot) wingspan, and weighs in at 230 kgs (500 lbs). Power comes from three turbojet engines mounted at the rear of the aircraft. It can fly at up to 136 mph (220 km/h), and reach an altitude of 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). Like I said, this isn't your everyday RC plane.

Volvo's Extreme Gravity Car is a radical styling exercise for the company. Volvo, more commonly associated with high quality, if somewhat bland cars has produced some interesting concepts over the recent years.Volvo's gravity car has no propulsion mechanism whatsoever except for the pull of gravity, and the car is constructed from lightweight materials such as aluminium, carbon-fibre and fibreglass giving it an anorexic weight of 15 kgs.

The Stallion trike from Thoroughbred Motorsports, a subsidiary of trike converters Motor Trike, features a frame and suspension designed completely in-house by Motor Trike engineers, and a 2.3-liter Ford four-cylinder engine. The hand laid fiberglass body can be painted in 1 of 5 colors, black, red, cherry, silver or white.The Stallions engine produces 150 horsepower and 160 ft/lbs of torque, that translates to a power-to-weight ratio rivaling a Corvette. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a 5 speed automatic transmission (with reverse), while steering control is handled by a steering wheel - rather than handlebars.

The Blastolene Special, built by Randy Grubb, is powered by a 29 litre WWII M47 Patton tank engine, hence the name, obviously.This gigantic engine puts out 1600 bhp @ 2800 rpm and 1600 ft lbs of torque at 2400 rpm. All this power is run through an Allison HD4060 6 speed automatic gearbox, giving the 9 tonne Tank Car a 0-60 sprint time of 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 140 mph.


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