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Best Car Features

One of the advantages of buying a brand new car is the latest technology that comes with it. Every year, car companies compete to release the most impressive new car with the best gas mileage, in-car technology, and safety features. Some innovations flop within their first few months on the market, either from bad manufacturing or simply because they are unnecessary to consumers. This year, technology and safety features inside some of the newest cars have come even further. Here are some of the most notable features included with some of this years new car models. 

The invention of hybrid motors has not only cut down on automobiles air pollution, but also drastically improved their fuel efficiency. As a result, the half electric-powered half gas-powered motors get more miles to the gallon while only sacrificing a small amount of horsepower. Take the 2013 Kia Optima, for example. The Korean automaker outfitted its new model with a fuel efficiency 199 horsepower engine that not only packs a power punch but also lets consumers spend less time at the pump, getting up to 40-MPG highway in the hybrid LX model.
Back-Up Camera
This game changing system helps drivers avoid backing into other vehicles, pedestrians, poles, or anything else that gets in the way. Back-up cameras are becoming more standard equipment with new car releases, which reduces the amount of accidental bumper scrapes and lets drivers back into parking spaces with ease. These cameras are also proving to be a true lifesaver as well as they reduce back-over accidents, which kill about 50 children each year. 


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