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Mustang Cars

Cars were the miraculous invention of the 17th century. The world has never been the same ever since the invention of cars gave wings to people's ideas. From the simple steam powered vehicle of the last century came the strong, self-propelling cars, which made traveling convenient in the 18th century. Since then, each century has left its mark on the old concept of cars; modifying it for better. Not only were the features and technology of cars modified over time, their style quotient kept on changing too. The present era witnesses the existence of cars, which are unparalleled in all aspects; be it their technology, structural design or speed. Modern century boasts of some amazing cars, one of which is a Mustang. We will look at its brief history today

First Generation Mustang (1964-1973)

Mustang cars have always been a style symbol for the audience. They were a cut above the average cars and that is what made them popular. People went crazy looking at the stylish two-seater, mid-engine sports car. Long hoods and smaller trunks have been the symbolic features of Mustang cars over the years. It was designed with a generator and a V8 engine. The best part about these cars was that they were perfect for all kinds of people, as people had the freedom to choose from 3 speed, 4 speed or automatic transmission. They were also available in different body styles, such as notchback, fastback and convertible.
Second Generation Mustang (1974-1978)


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