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Ferrari Claims There Won’t be a "Super" LaFerrari After All

we mentioned a rumor suggesting there will be an extreme version of the recently announced LaFerrari supercar. However, Ferrari officials have denied those rumors and reported that we are not going to get something more extreme than the LaFerrari. According to the Italian company, the man who sparked the rumors, LaFerrari’s chief designer Flavio Manzoni, got the wrong idea. In a recent interview with AutoCar, he reported that there are lots of design elements Ferrari didn’t used in the LaFerrari, but they will be included in future Ferrari models, including in a more extreme version of the model. However, it looks like such a car is "easily done, but it’s not the case." Meaning that Ferrari has no plans for a model placed above the LaFerrari and such a model is or never was under discussion. So we guess we are not going to get our LaFerrari EVOXX after all! At least that’s what the super-secretive supercar builder claims


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