Super Cars


Forecasting car navigation

Car Information and entertainment market is undergoing very rapid change in technology and user expectations, because the automotive industry more and more consumption by the portable and mobile Electronic The impact of technology, the changes much faster than the rate of change vehicle infotainment. It was because, as MP3 Players, mobile phones and portable Navigation Device (PND) such as portable consumer electronics devices, users can enjoy it anytime, anywhere entertainment Communicate And information services, which means customers are now expected to use in their car and the latest consumer features an intuitive connection.
Car entertainment and information systems should be an intuitive, seamless way to connect to consumer electronics devices. Music from portable devices through the built-car audio systems should be played. Mobile phone hands-free phone system, through built-in access and use.
With the new device and its use in consumer electronics have become more common, in-car system should also follow this trend. User interface should reflect the consumer electronics features available, such as high-resolution color screen and animation. Automotive systems should be upgraded to keep up with the most popular portable devices to connect. 


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