Super Cars


2014 Mastretta MXT-R

Are you familiar with Mastretta, the supercar manufacturer from Mexico? Odds are you two haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, so let me introduce you Mastretta, the creator of the upcoming MXT-R. The Mastretta MXT-R is an ambitious vehicle, set to sit between the current road-going MXT and the track-only spex MXR race car. It’s powered by the 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine found in the Ford Focus ST as opposed to the turbocharged 2.0-liter Duratec engine found in the original MXT. With the new engine, the MXT-R will have an output of 285bhp which is more than enough for this extraordinarily lightweight car. It will also feature a very aggressive aerodynamic package which includes a front splitter, rear wing, and much more


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