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2013 Bentley Continental GT by Vilner

After months of what seemed like endless teasing, Bulgarian tuning firm, Vilner, has finally released its beyond-insane program for the 2013 Bentley Continental GT. We all know Vilner as crafters of some of the best interior programs in the business, but it really outdid itself this time. This extensive project also included some insane work on the exterior and, best of all, a performance program that really gave the Continental GT some serious horses under its hood. It was a project that took eight months to build, but it sure was worth the wait; wasn’t it? To the person who owns this Continental GT, we have no problem believing that you are a very happy person. We would be, too, if Vilner did this to our Bentley. That is, if we happened to have a Bentley in our driveway...


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