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2018 Audi A9

Beyond the updates of its current models, Audi has a surprise in store at the top of its lineup. The brand is strongly considering an ultra-luxurious hatchback to be positioned above the A8. Based on the MLB Evo platform, this new range-topper, which we understand would be called A9, could come to market as soon as 2017. Audi must strike a fine balance with this halo car. The A9 has to be sufficiently differentiated from the elegant and sporty A7, but it won't be an A8 Allroad, as a company source has dismissed speculation about a station-wagon look, similar to the awesome 2001 Avantissimo concept. But it likely will feature a combination of fastback and crossover proportions. This is why it is still possible that this car will be called Q9 instead of A9. We fully expect this to be one of the most powerful and sophisticated luxury cars on the market, with the added selling point of unique aesthetics.


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