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McLaren P1 Breaks Down

The British supercar suffered an embarrassing lapse in front of potential buyers. McLaren is confident of selling all 375 units of the P1. And with just 100 or so examples left of the $1.15 million supercar, the 2013 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este represented an excellent opportunity for the carmaker to showcase the P1 to a well-healed crowd. Things didn’t quite go to plan, however. As our friend Marchettino reveals in his latest supercar short, the McLaren P1 brought to the concours event broke down and even with the collective experience of the boys from Woking, the supercar simply wouldn’t budge. So instead of hearing the roar of the 903-hp engine, onlookers had to settle for watching the P1 being gingerly loaded onto a flatbed truck, pondering whether their money might be better spent elsewhere.


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