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1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Car

Have you ever heard of the Lamborghini Pregunta? Its an unknown one-off Lamborghini that was created just before Audi took ownership of Lamborghini. The Italian automaker worked with French coachbuilder Carrosserie Heuliez to create the Pregunta, in order for Hueliez to celebrate its 50th participation at the Paris Motor Show.
The car itself was built in Hueliez’s Turin studio in Italy, and was based on the famous Diablo. It featured the famed V12 of the Lamborghini Diablo, but lacked the all-wheel drive system. Instead of sending power to all four wheels, the Pregunta was fitted with a rear-wheel drive system. It was capable of producing 530hp, and good for 207mph. Inside the Pregunta are fully electronic F1-style Marelli instruments, rearward facing cameras that replace the mirrors, optical fiber lighting, and a combat jet derived cockpit setup. Needless to say, the Pregunta was very advanced for 1998.


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