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2013 Switzer R1K-X

When most people see a new, hot car in an article - they skip through the write-up and go straight for the performance specs. Is that you? If it is, this is what you want to know about Switzer's latest R35 GTR conversion, the R1K-X: it makes over 1400 horsepower, and you can drive it to a dragstrip, crack off back-to-back-to-back 1/4 miles in the 8.8-9.0 second range at 163-165 mph, then it drive home with the A/C on. There's more to Switzer's pavement-shredding R1K-X GTRs than specs, however. Take, for example, included in the pictures. Its owner calls it "Red Katana". It's one of the first production Switzer R1K-X GTR Nissans, and almost every inch of the car,


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