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2014 Alpha-N Alpha One

German tuner Alpha-N is not a very well known company, but odds are after their next ambitious project they will be. Details have just been released on this project, and it is being called the Alpha One Supercar. This car is based off of the Porsche Cayman, but even from the outside you can tell Alpha-N did some serious work on this car. To start things off, they completely modified the bodywork of the Cayman. It is a much more aggressive looking car compared to the Cayman, yet this car still maintains the Cayman’s roof profile. Alpha-N will also redesign the handling characteristics. This is most likely due to the increased performance. It will also be a full carbon fiber body, making it extraordinarily light. How light? It will weigh between 2,381 pounds and 2,822 pounds. Any weight between those two points would be much lighter than the Cayman, which weighs in at 2,954 pounds. Now did I mention performance? Of course I did. Alpha-N states that the Alpha One will have between 300hp and 800hp. The reasoning behind this stretch of horsepower is unknown, but it may have to do with different versions of the Alpha One being produced or they have not decided on an engine quite yet. While info on this vehicle is scarce at the moment, this car is likely to shake up the automotive industry in the near future.


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